My name is Darek and I am a Krakow photographer. Family, portrait and lifestyle photography are the ones I specialize in.

If you live in Krakow, if you pass through Krakow, if you are only visiting Krakow for a couple of days – I can offer you photography services at very competitve rates.

I also have 10+ years of wedding photography experience so if you happen to plan a destination wedding in Krakow or just a normal wedding photo session in this old city – my experience could come in handy.

What can I do for you as a photographer?

Meet me

Know your photographer from Krakow: Becoming a photographer was an inspiring adventure

A little bit about myself. I decided I want to become a photographer in 2009, when I was looking for a wedding photographer for my wedding. In 2010 I started photographing weddings and year 2019 is the last one I filled my calendar with wedding events. And for a while my photography interests shifted to children, families, portraits, lifestyle shoots but also fashion and corporate photography. I work with models and those who have never posed for photos before.


On the private side, I am married, have two little boys, love board games and sometimes regret I didn’t choose to work in the boardgaming industry. I enjoy good tv series and think there’s nothing better than early seasons of “Black Mirror”. I wear glasses, enjoy football (or soccer, you know) and try to spend as much time as possible with my closest family.

Check out some photos !

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Sightseeing Krakow or Cracow

Krakow (eng. Cracow) attracts people for various reasons. We have tens of Universities and many students come to live in Krakow for a semester or a lifetime. The city offers a large number of business centers where student graduates and experienced workers can find a job a grow their skills. Lastly, Krakow is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in this part of Europe with a number of monuments, churches and unique places to visit.

As a shoot my travel photographer in Krakow I prepared this quick read as to what you can do while in Krakow – short or long term:

Wawel Castle

Located in city centre is one of the most famous places to see in Poland. You should definitely plan to see it's fabulous interiors as well as learn a bit about the history of the castle in the local museum offices.

Main Square and surroundings

Cloth Hall, St. Mary's church and so many other places that create Krakow's unique atmosphere, make sure you plan to spend at least one evening there, having a drink and enjoying yourselves!

Krakow Photographer

You can hire a Krakow photographer and have photos taken of yourself in Krakow. Whether you are living here or just visiting, it may be a great opportunity for unique memories from Krakow. Lets have a great lifestyle photosession in Krakow!

Eat Pierogi

I am polish but not a big fan of polish cuisine. Still, while being here try Pierogi (dumplings), Bigos or Kotlet Schabowy z ziemniakami i kapustą (pork meat with potatos and cabbage). If you don't like it, don't worry, noone will feel offended. Best to look for places recommendations on TripAdvisor.

Kazimierz - Jewish District

It's magical, its narrow streets and closed architecture make this area a very moody place to spend your day. Close by you will also find Schindler's Factory and Cricoteca - definitely a lot of places to check and enjoy and all within a walking distance!


It's a trip from Krakow but you'll find ways to get there if this place is on your list. If you are a person that enjoys sightseeing historical places then Auschwitz is a must. Unfortunately, it's a heartbreaking experience and it ruins your good mood for the day...

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Very popular place, underground tour of a local Salt Mine, it's quite an adventure. You need a ride to get there but there's plenty from city centre. On a hot day, it's a great idea to go there - it's colder underground!

Zakrzowek and Wisla river

If you have a chance, go see Zakrzowek, a beautiful lake in the middle of the city. There's nothing to see there, it's just beautiful to be there. Same goes for the Wisla River, experience a long walk by the river, check Kladka Bernatka and enjoy the atmosphere of Krakow!

How can a Krakow Photographer help you?

I sincerly believe that every person needs good photos and that’s why I am here to deliver. Meet your needs.

I am a lifestyle, portrait, family photographer and can shoot you, you and your loved ones, you and your hobby, you within Krakow atmosphere…

You name it!

What can I do for you?

Whether you live here

If you live in Krakow then I am a photographer local to you. I speak English and some spanish and can help you create stunning photographs in Krakow, putting the spotlight on you, your hobby, family, girlfriend/boyfriend or any topic you may need.

Perhaps you start a business here and need professional photos? Or you have a loved one with no photos together other then the selfies from mobile phone?

I can help!

or you are just visiting

You are here only for a couple of days? I understand, you have your agenda, sightseeing plan and your goal in Krakow is to explore. How about fitting in a 1hr photoshoot in your calendar? The rumor has it my rates may be cheaper than similar sessions in your country, so it may just be a good idea to have a portrait, family, lifestyle or business session while on holidays in Krakow.

Wouldn't that be a remarkable souvenir from your visit?

zakochana para czyli fotografia par w Krakowie w wykonaniu Dariusz Czepiel fotograf

Portrait Session in Krakow

A portrait session lasts between 20 minutes and 1.5hrs, we meet in one of the Krakow locations which either you will choose or I will recommend. You have to prepare yourself – clothes, makeup and hair if needed and then we meet for a short walk. We either shoot in one location or can go around an area looking for good spot.

It can be a normal portrait session where you need a couple of photos. Or it can be a lifestyle shoot that will document part of your day, or your hobby. Or it can be a series of postcards with you in front of Krakow landmarks.

You choose the purpose!

Sesja zdjęciowa jako idealny prezent dla żony

Couples photosession in Krakow

You and your significant other need photos? I specialize in couples and engagements since I have been photographing weddings since 2010. We’ll meet in a place we will both choose and start from there, I will capture your love or friendship in a series of environmental portraits. If you wish – we would make sure Krakow is visible on the photos in one way or another.

If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are visiting Krakow, wouldn’t it be an incredible memory to have your lovestory told in Krakow, with Krakow?

Family and children photography in Krakow

Your family photos in Krakow? Why not! If you live here then it’s natural that from time to time you organize a family portrait session for yourselves. But if you are only visiting Krakow for a couple of days, think that for a reasonable price you can have a mgnificent souvenir from Krakow – your family photoshoot from the place you decided to spend vacation in.

How does it look? Easy, I meet you on location or at your home and you guys spend time with each other. There’s no point in trying to pose little kids, it’s just better to spend time with them and be there with them. So I ddocument every smile and all the natural emotions that come to life during that friendly time of a photosession.

I have my own kids, I know how to do this!

uśmiech bombelka
fotograf ślubny Kraków Darek Czepiel

Wedding session in Krakow

Are you getting married in Krakow? Have you always dreamt of having your wedding portraits taken at this iconic city in south of Poland? I no longer of full day coverage of the wedding day, but if you feel like hiring me for your wedding portraits, a simple session outdoors then I am all for it.

We will have a walk in the park, or through less crowded city streets. Or perhaps you want these to be iconic photos from your remarkable visit to Krakow, then we will make it a Krakow centered photosession where you and your love is in front of Krakow landmarks.

Either way the focus is on the two of you, regardless if you are straight or LGBT, I will capture the feelings between you in an unposed way.

As long as you want Krakow to be your destination!

Krakow photographer – Pricing Details

Below you will find pricing information for most common packages bought. If none of that meets your needs please message me for a custom quote. Contact form in english is below.

One of the things that somehow differentiate my offer from others is that you will choose all the images yourself, meaning the contracted number of photos I will edit and deliver will be first chosen by you among all the other photos I will shoot during our session.

That way you have control over which images are delivered and you can hand pick the ones you love most. Every additional image on top of the contracted number comes with an upcharge and you are free to select as many additional ones as you like. Or simply select the contracted number with no upcharge whatsoever.

Cracow Photographer – Contact me

Whether you are interested in my offer or if you need a custom quote for a service not listed here, please fill in the below form to let me know your needs.

I respond in less than 48 hours, if you don’t get my message by then, send me an email to as it may be a system malfunction.

In the meantime feel free to follow me on instagram

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    You are probably wondering

    Where are more photos?

    Surely you should be choosing your photographer based on the photos and quality. You saw a sample of my images on this page. Now head over to photo galleries in the blog section and browse thorugh any post you like. Most of the text is in polish but images speak a thousand words – no need to read, just look and decide if you like my photography.

    You can also keep up with my latest work on one of my instagram accounts where I try to post on a regular basis.

    Lastly, below you will find posts that I wrote completely in English therefore should be a good read for all non-polish speakers.

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