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Hi, my name is Darek and I am a local family and portrait photographer in Krakow, Poland. I am also a father of two great boys and since 2012 I have been practicing capturing true emotions on subjects that constantly move and run around. I still practice every day creating lifestyle family photograpy sessions.

I am here to help you locally in Cracow, whether you live here or you are just visiting. Let’s explore a little bit how I work so can have a sense of how your family photo session in Krakow can look like.

Welcome to Krakow!

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Shoot your travel - family photo session

I know many of you travel with kids around the globe. Is Krakow by any chance on your list? What are your plans when in Krakow – sightseeing mostly? Do you think a photo session with an english-speaking local photographer is a good idea?

Think of the benefits. For a reasonably low price you get a chance to have photos taken in one o the most beautiful cities in Poland. It will be a great souvenir from your travel but what is most important – it will be yet another chance to document the amazing adventures of your loving family.


Let me shoot your travel!

How much does it cost?

For non-polish speaking families

Regardless of whether you are travelling through Krakow or living here on a permanent basis, this offer is simply for those, who currently are in Krakow and do not speak Polish. In case you need a family photo session you are in the right place as I do speak fluent English and have years of children photography experience. I can engage with your kids, speak to them  and have them feel comfortable.

Perhaps you are a family living in Krakow? That’s great, I would be honored if you considered me your family photographer.

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family photo shoot in cracow

What does a family photo session look like?

To summarize my style in a short sentence I’ll have to say that I tell people’s stories in a form of lifestyle family sessions. I try to avoid studio environment, instead we meet on locations. While during a shoot we do get a couple of posed family portraits my goal is to work with you so that as a family you are simply spending time together. Focus then on what your kids like, what you enjoy doing together and let’s create a session around a series of activities.

In that case, children would not have to pose all the time. Posing is boring. “I love posing” said no kid ever in history.  Let me be your photographer friend, let me laugh a bit with your kids.

Let’s create together a short photo story of your family adventure in Krakow!

See my family photos

and book a family photo session for yourselves!

While I do understand a photoshoot like that may not be on your travel agenda, one thing that perhaps will convince you it’s worth to spend time like that is cost. I am quite sure that the rates I offer are very competitive when it comes to similar services in your country. Compare that and think if spedning around 1 hour with a local Krakow photographer wouldn’t be a good idea. After all for a reasonable price you get a chance to have the most unique souvenir from your visit to Krakow.

Wouldn’t that be great to show your family and friends at home what awesome time you had in Krakow?

Check other family sessions on the blog!Check prices!

November family photoshoot in Krakow city centre

This awesome family came over to Krakow from the US. We didn’t have a very large window to schedule the session so we met on a November sunday morning and did our best. I mean they did their best, because it was bloody cold that day and they all were very brave to pose and walk around the city center with me.

It’s really up to you to decide whether your family photo session should be in a certain setting like the park, or local playgrounds, or perhaps you’d rather walk around some of the Krakow landmarks and monuments so that the photos also remind you of Krakow as a city you visited.

These guys chose Rynek or the Main Square as the starting point and the session was a truly great (but cold) time spent together. Awesome family!


family photo session in Krakow Poland shot by local family photographer Dariusz CzepielDariusz Czepiel fotografia presents a family of 4 during their visit to Krakow in 2019boy feeding a pigeon during a krakow family photoshootShoot your travel in Krakow Poland with the help from Dariusz Czepiel a local photographerkrakow family photosession resulted in a funny image of this family walking like in scooby dooA family walking in Krakow park shot by Dariusz Czepiel Krakow photographer

More family photo sessions in Cracow

Soon this page will grow with more photos of families I shoot in Krakow. Stay tuned for more content on this page as more and more families decide to use my photography services!

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