Krakow Wedding Photographer

If you are a couple living in Poland and planning your wedding, my offer may be something you are looking for. If you are a couple living in Europe, US, Australia or any other country in the world and you are looking to have an elopement, wedding or a simple wedding photosession in Krakow – I can be your photographer. For over 10 years I have been photographing weddings and couples from all over the world. If you trust me and spend your time with me, I will have your lovestory told through unique set of images taken in the heart of polish cultural capital – Krakow. I live here, I know places, I can recommend solutions – just connect with me and tell me what you need.

Krakow photographer

Weddings are not my only specialty. If you are just sightseeing Krakow with your family I can offer you a portrait, lifestyle or family photoshoot. I am local and can recommend places that will work – I just need from you a bit of information, who you are, what you like, what you need. I call my style visual storytelling because I try to tell a story through the images I deliver, freeze time and document your life as you would like to remember it years from now. 

Fancy a good looking souvenir from Krakow?

Wedding Photosession in Krakow City Centre

Jagoda and Erik lead their everyday lives in Norway, but September was the month they decided to come to Krakow to celebrate their wedding in Krakow City Centre. I was with them only a couple of hours but on this short wedding photosession I already felt like I have known them for years. See below the outcome of our short walk in Krakow.


Dariusz Czepiel – Krakow Wedding Photographer

Since 2010 I have been photographing weddings and portraits capturing the essence of love. I specialize in wedding photography, if you like my style I can travel worldwide to tell your lovestory regardless if you plan your wedding in Krakow, Poland, Europe or Australia. 

In Krakow I also offer portrait, lifestyle and family photography so if you happen to live in Krakow or if you are just passing by this lovely polish city – give me a call and we can schedule a short photosession in Krakow. Let’s create memories in a unique place together!


Engagement / Elopement shoot in Krakow

If you are planning your wedding somewhere else than Krakow, perhaps you would like to have your engagement shoot taken in Poland? Think about it. Remember I am based here so regardless if you live here or are a tourist for just a couple of days, let me take your portraits or lifestyle shots and capture you in this unique moment of time!


Wedding Photography Trailer

See below example of my work, put music on, ensure you are watching on HD and I am waiting for your contact form submission.