Your love. Your Krakow.

If you ask me what I enjoy photographing the most I would say beauty. And there is maybe just a few more beautiful things in the world than love. I am a local photographer in Krakow and can offer you couple photo or engagement photo shoot, that would either be a document of your love, a story of your feelings or a mix of these situated within the landmarks of beautiful city of Krakow in Poland.

Either way it is me documenting a story about the two of you. In Love.

In Krakow.

couple photo zakochana para

Engagement session in Krakow

Your wedding date may be set in the distant future or may still be in the works before you communicate it to the world. What matters though is that you are in love. If you happen to be visiting Krakow on your journey I can help you document your love story here in this beautiful city. Lets make beautiful engagement session.

I am a a couple photographer that specializes in engagements and capturing love on pictures that last a lifetime.

Let me explain how it can work.

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Couple photo shoot by a local Krakow photographer

It may have nothing to do with engagement. You may just a be a couple travelling together or you may have been married already for years. As long as the two of you are in Krakow for at least a day and you would like to have couple photos taken at a reasonable price, perhaps much cheaper than similar services in your country, then reach out to me.

I can document a part of your day, I can shoot a lifestyle couple session, I could shoot the two of you in an intimate indoor session, I can meet your needs – just tell me about them.

Lately I had a couple message me to take photos of their baby annoucement. A baby annoucenement in Krakow? Why not!

I love couple photography – How can I help?

couple session zdjęcie zakochanej pary idącej za rękę w parku podczas jesiennego spaceru
engagement photo shoot couple in love in a photo shot by krakow photographer Dariusz Czepiel

Engagement photographer in Krakow

If you happen to be engaged I could offer you an engagement photo shoot. We can tailor that session to your needs – do you need just a few great portraits of your love in Krakow? Do you need some pictures for wedding date announcement with Krakow in the background? Do you need photos for a gift for your parents and Krakow seems like a great opportunity to have them taken, at a probably lower price than you’d need to pay in US, UK or other countries.

Check out my rates!

Are you...

Planning to propose to your fiance in Krakow?

If you have your engagement ring ready and plan to bend the knee (oh yes, I did watch game of thrones haha) while in Krakow, perhaps you would like that event to be documented? Wedding proposal session in Krakow might be a great idea! As long as you think your partner would be OK with a surprise photographer in addition to a surprise proposal then it’s a great way to capture these memories and hold them forever on photographs.

It’s so much better than a selfie later on, trust me.

Engagement photo shoot in Krakow? Sure, just tell me if it’s a proposal event I should capture, or that has already happened and you want your lovestory told through my pictures. I would be happy to assist you in both cases!

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Krakow photographer at your service!

Here’s a few examples of how your photos may turn out, remember it depends on time of year and lighting conditions. When you are travelling to Krakow usually you spend just a few days here and your window for a session is limited. I try to be flexibile with timing, could shoot that during the week or over the weekend, depending on your schedule. The sooner we contact me the more likely I will be able to offer you my availability.

An idea to offer services to foreigners arriving to Krakow came out of nowhere and I am glad you could find this page. If you like my work then it’s just a couple more steps to take for us to work together. I am an experienced couples & engagement photographer with a lot of wedding photography experience too.

Let me know your needs, let’s connect and start working this out. Cause life is about the people you meet and things you create with them!

Autumn couple photosession in Krakow – don’t miss those colors!

If you happen to be visiting Krakow during fall, then a session at one of the local parks is a must. Poland is famous for their rich coloured natured during fall and it’s even called Złota Polska Jesień, which translates into Golden Polish Autumn. Just have a look at this lovely couple photo!

sesja narzeczeńska w parku w Krakowie w jesiennej aurze

piękna zakochana para przytula się do siebie w otoczeniu kolorów złotej polskiej jesienijesienna sesja narzeczeńska w Krakowie w obiektywie fotografa Dariusza Czepielasesja narzeczeńska w krakowie wykonana w parku Bednarskiego w jesienny słoneczny dzieńzakochana para pozuje do zdjęcia fotografowi z Krakowa Dariuszowi Czepielowi

Dariusz Czepiel Fotografia uchwycił w kadrze zakochanych podczas jesiennej sesji narzeczeńskiej wśród pięknych kolorowych drzewjesienna sesja narzeczeńśka w krakowie wśród kolorowych drzew alei waszyngtonazakochana para spaceruje aleją waszyngtona podczas jesiennej sesji narzeczeńskiej w krakowiepionowy kadr zakochanej pary podczas jesiennej sesji narzeczeńskiej z rekwizytami i gadżetami

An engagement session in gloomy November in Krakow?

Sometimes you cannot influence when you have your vacation in Krakow and it may already be too late for beautiful autumn scenery that usually happens between late September and end of October. You may be visiting Krakow in November, when weather is mostly gloomy and rainy. Great oportunity for engagement photo shoot in Poland. Well, it’s all about you after all so have a look how Christina & Daniel turned out on an engagement session in gloomy Krakow November!

american couple on a photoshoot during their vacation in Krakow with a local engagement photographer Dariusz Czepielcouple in love posing in front of Wawel Castle in Krakow shot by Dariusz Czepiel Fotografiaa couple in love walks in a park in Krakow while posing for local couples photographer Dariusz Czepiel in KrakowCouple posing in Krakow under a tree with colorful leaves in NovemberChristina & Daniel in Krakow posing on one of the streets in Krakow city center for photographer Dariusz CzepielEngagement photoshoot on florianska street in Krakow shot by local photographer Dariusz Czepielflorianska street engagement photoshoot by krakow photographer Dariusz Czepiela couple of tourists posing during their vacation photoshoot by a shoot my travel local lens Dariusz Czepiela couple posing in front of Florian gate in Krakow PolandEngagement photo shot by Dariusz Czepiel Fotografia in Krakow for a couple on holidays

Instread of engagement you may actually be visiting Krakow as a family of 3, with one not yet revieled. In that case I can offer…

A baby announcement session in Krakow

Yep, travel until you can, and while in Krakow don’t hesitate to order a couples photoshoot in wich you would actually announce your new addition to the team. Have a look how these guys have planned it.

baby annoucement photograph shot by local krakow private photographer Dariusz Czepielengagement photoshoot for a couple visiting Krakow during their holidaysA couple holding little shoes of thei unborn baby during a baby annoucement photosession done by a local Krakow photographer Dariusz Czepielbaby shoes help convey the message as a baby annoucement photoshoot in Krakow is also about the detailspregnacy session in Krakow also called belly session for tourists travelling to Krakow wanting to share their baby annoucementbaby annoucement photographer in Krakow Dariusz Czepiel helping Rebecca and Aaron share great news to the world

I tell you Rebecca and Adam simply dumped this baloon in the thrash right after we did that shot! And while you may be visiting during rainy or cold days, it may be a good idea to simply make use of your rented airbnb or hotel apartment and have your baby annoucenement photosession done there like Leah and Angelo.

baby annoucement for Leah and Angelo in their airbnb apartment in Krakow rented while their holidays to Krakow POlandShoot my travel photographer Dariusz Czepiel captured this lovely couple announcing their baby to the world during their vacation in Krakow Polandbaby annoucement photograph using a sign prepared by the pregnant couple shot by Dariusz Czepiel Fotografia a local Krakow lens

But regarless of the time, whether it’s winter, spring or summer, we can shoot great photographs together, with you guys in love. Make most use of your visit to Krakow!

Couple in love photography in Krakow by Dariusz Czepiel Fotografia!

Have a look at some more cool examples, love, love, love! This is an esence of my couple photography!

sesja walentynkowa wykonana w Krakowie przez Dariusz Czepiel fotografia dla zakochanychzakochana para czyli fotografia par w Krakowie w wykonaniu Dariusz Czepiel fotografsesja-dla-zakochanych-Kyle-Adamsesja narzeczeńśka w wioskach świata w krakowiesesja dla zakochanych w parku w krakowiesesja narzeczeńska krakówsesja narzeczeńska kraków kazimierzsesja narzeczeńska

Krakow locations

Where to take engagement photos in Krakow?

Well it depends on how you would like your photos to turn out. We could have the session in Krakow city centre, with iconic landmarks in the background of your images. We can forget the Krakow famous places and simply get lost in one of the streets, shoot closeups and document your love and feelings, blur the surroundings. Another option is an indoor session. If weather is bad we could simply shoot either in your apartment or airbnb or we could rent a space where photos could be taken. You then decide if it would be a more of an intimate couple photosession or a regular one.

I am a shoot my travel photographer in Krakow!
baby announcement photographer in Krakow Dariusz Czepiel photographed an american couple awaiting their baby during their vacation in rakow
Why me?

Key features of my offer

I am gonna be blunt, my photography offer may be dirty cheap compared to regular quality offers in other parts of the world. Why is that? Well, welcome to Poland, I charge what I need.
One other key element of my offer is that you will have full control over the selection of images that you are getting. We shoot, then YOU choose and only then I edit.

Sounds cool?

Homosexual couples are welcome too!

Check rates!

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I respond in less than 48 hours, if you don’t get my message by then, send me an email to as it may be a system malfunction.

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