Living in or just visiting Krakow?You NEED portraits!

I am a Krakow portrait photographer and can help you with that. So regardless if you currently live in Krakow or you are just visiting the city for a couple of days, we can set aside some time and go for a walk. Like Amy in this post. Let me try to explain in the following chapters how does a portrait session with me look like and explain a bit the benefits. If portraits is not your thing then I recommend visiting my english information page, where I list all other services I can offer in Krakow.

Let’s collaborate!Let’s shoot some portraits in Krakow!

Portraits in Krakow

Portraits can mean all sorts of things. It can be as simple as a picture of you. But what is important to understand is the purpose of the photo session. As a photographer in Krakow I need to know this so we can pick the right spot for the session. Do you only need a couple good photographs to show on your social media? Do you need pictures you will use when searching for a job or in your business? Do you want me to help you promote your idea through photographs? Do you have a new outfit and need pictures in it? Are you a sportsperson or a boardgamer like me and would like me to photograph you in connection to your hobby or way of life? Do you want me to present you in a lifestyle way, where I document your life as you spend part of your day?

Endless posibilities !

Lifestyle photography in Krakow

I mentioned lifestyle photography and while I do recognize the fact that portraits need to be a little bit posed, a lifestyle documentary is something I enjoy doing and I enjoy watching. Think of it as a snapshot of your ideal day. We can start when you wake up and drink coffee, or we can start later, when you drink your coffee in a cozy Krakow restaurant. And it’s really up to you, as you draw your ideal day and I picture you in those scenarios. Your laughs, your smiles, your gestures in an environment you cherish because it is YOUR LIFESTYLE PORTRAIT PHOTOSHOOT!

Be open to new experiences!

portrait photographer krakow

Outdoor photoshoot

I do not have an indoor studio where I would position you in front of a background and shoot. I can recommend other photographers if that is what you are looking for. Instead, I walk with you, we go around the city and explore a bit. Of course, we need to mind the weather, we have crowds walking around the city as well, but look at the example session with Amy below – we always manage to get quality pictures out of such walk. Outdoor photography is my thing.

Walk with me!

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Portrait photo session as a gift voucher?

Did you know you can also order an extraordinary gift for your friends and family? Think how special they would feel if they got an invitation to a photosession with Krakow portrait photographer in a form of a gift voucher? I imagine it certainly is a better idea than another bag of coffee, flowers that will last for 3 days or a voucher to SPA. A photosession as a gift is unique in a way because it’s a gift with no expiration date. Those photos will last for a lifetime, it will be an opportunity to stop time for the photographed person.

Gift voucher photos you will find in the link below.

The price really depends on the session yo uwant to buy for a given person. We simply fill the voucher with purchased session information without the price, only the number of photos that are included, expiration date of the voucher (usually around 1 year from the purchase date +/- 2 months) and the voucher number.

If you like, you can create your own form of the voucher. All you need is my voucher number, expiration date and number of photos to be included in your custom designed voucher and I will be able to track this purchase.

See how a gift voucher looks like

Portrait session in Krakow Kazimierz!

Amy and I met in Kazimierz district and we had a 1 hour walk around the narrow streets and crowded places. We were able to avoid people on the photos and it turned out to be a very nice and impactful photo session. Can you imagine it was one of my first model shoots for quite a long time and followed by more portraits I did later made me completely reshape my photography business model. I decided I want to do more and more short photoshoots in Krakow, including photography for foreigners and expats that do not speak polish and would welcome to work with an english speaking photographer they can feel comfortable with. I am Darek – a Krakow Portrait Photographer!

Have a look at Amy and our session and head to my english page where you will see details of my complete offer, prices and contact form.

Now meet Amy!

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