Feel beautiful!In Krakow.

Your stay or visit to Krakow may be a great opportunity to think about so called sensual or boudoir photo session. I am a local photographer based in Krakow that can offer you this kind of special portrait photography and below you will find details of what this could mean and how to prepare.
Remember that every women is beautiful and it’s a matter of a choosing the right photographer to rediscover that for yourself.
Are you intrigued?

What is boudoir photography?

In the entire world the term boudoir photography is connected with specific type of portraits of a woman. It’s a session that takes place in a stylish interior, light and minimalist, or at least clean and with proper atmosphere or lighting. It’s a session where a woman poses in lingerie or other outfits that underline her feminine side. Lastly it’s a session that requires specific posing and looks.
All that to create a unique memory, all to allow you to feel beautiful in a sensual way.
And I’d help you get prepared!
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Sensual photographer

Sensuality is something hard to describe but let me try to explain what it means. During a session we create a good atmosphere to create sensual photos, ones that will show your feminine side with a pinch of sexuality, erotism, temptation and desire. You always decide to what extent you feel comfortable and we talk beforehand where is the line of your comfort zone and whether you would like to stay within that line or cross it.

Sensual session is not only about lingerie. It’s aboutthe way you act and the way you look. I will help and guide you how to pose, move your hands, shape your body so that the effect blows your mind and puts a smile on your face.

It will because sensuality is in every woman and it’s just a matter of redicovering it.

Dariusz Czepiel Fotografia zaprasza kobiety na zmysłowe sesje kobiece w studio w Krakowie
sensual session with beautifl lady in Krakow by boudoir photographer Dariusz Czepiel Fotografia

Private sensual session - apartment or studio?

For best effect of the sensual session a proper interior should be chosen, one that is stylish and not cluttered with furniture. If you live in Krakow then we can discuss if your apartment is fit for the purpose, please send me some photos of what it looks like, how big are the windows, what is on the wall etc.

Another option is that perhaps you are visiting Krakow on a business trip or simply sightseeing travel. In that case you most likely book a room in a hotel or airbnb. Why don’t you preplan your session and choose an apartment that is spacious, light and fits well into a boudoir photosession? In that case perhaps you will pay slightly more for initial rental but it will be less expensive on the photosessions costs side. And you will spend your time in Krakow in a nicer place. Something for you to consider as a sensual photosession in an apartment is a great idea!

There’s also a third option – studio!

I can help organize it for you!

Studio space, make up artist and hair stylist

If your place is not best for such session or you simply don’t want to have it on your shoulders then I can offer you a photo session at a rented studio. It’s not just a blank white wall but a very light interior with furniture, sofas, chairs, window light and high ceiling – a place that looks very nice as background to a beautiful woman in the frame. Aske me about that option!

Regardless if it is your place, a rented airbnb or hotel room or the studio space, there are some gebneral guidelines how to approach the choice of location. First of all it needs to have enough space, have fairly large windows and light walls. A scandinavian approach is adivsed.

The space is key, as in a small room there will be no space for me to move away and do some wider photos, we would have to focus on close ups. For your own comfort it’s also good to have some breathing space.

Interior design is also key. The location should be nice, ideal style is clean but if you prefer a more of a vintage look that’s also possible, just make sure the apartment has the style that you like as it will be on the photos in the background.

It;s important to talk about the location beforehand as clearly you expect a certain quality and the interior design can help or ruin the efforts.

As far as preparations are concerned, you need to be prepared as well. Clothing is on you, both lingerie and non-lingerie types of clothes. You need to have your hair fixed and makeup done and if you cannot organize it yourself please let me know and I will recommend make up artists and hair stylists that work with me. Their services come as a separate cost to you but I can assure that you will be happy with the effect.

What are your needs while you are prepairing for our sensual photosession?

Do I have to be naked?

Erotic photosession in Krakow?

Remember that you decide on how much body you want to show. There are a few levels of clothing that work quite OK for a sensual photoshoot and we can start with regular clothes (skirt, dress, jeans, shorts, t-shirts and shirts...), you can decide to pose in lingerie and underwear and you can also decide to pose naked. Naked does not mean pornography, it's called hidden nudity and your intimate parts are always hidden mysteriously in either darkness or behind objects.
I do not offer hard erotic photography or pornography sessions, if you are looking for something like that I can recommend local friends.

Sessions with me are always subtle, sensual and done with full respect to a woman.

fotografia portretowa w centrum krakowa

do I have to undress?

Sensual photosession in clothes - is it possible?

Of course it is, sensuality is not only about nudity and a boudoir session not in lingerie but in normal clothes is possible. That is actually something I would like to promote as a loot of women are simply shy to pose in lingerie while it would be much more comfortable for them to pose in clothes. I am sure you will find many items in your wardrobe in which you look sexy and those ones are also great outfits for a more covered sensual photosession!

how to prepare

sensual photographer's advise on how to prepare!

There’s a couple of things that are worth taking into consideration when preparing for a sensual photography session. First of all avoid rush and plan that session in advance, give yourself and the photographer at least a week to work out some things.

One of the key element of my style of work is communication prior to the session. I know it may be hard to start posing and you may not know what to do when a guy with camera shows up that is why I like to connect with you via instagram and share ideas and inspirations for the session. You send me pictures of what clothes you would wear or take to the session and I share with you poses and inspirations for frames. We discuss together which ones you like, which ones are too brave and which are perfect. We mark the ones you love best and we discuss your bounderies in terms of how much nudity you want to work with. Your comfort is my number one priority.

What else to prepare for a boudoir session?

I mentioned already that we will exchange inspirations. Make sure you also let me know what clothes you plan to wear, it is easier than to think of posing and guiding you. One other thing that helps create a comfortable atmosphere is music. I have my playlist that works well for these kind of photo sessions but if you have your own favorite music then go ahead nad bring it to the session as long as it helps you relax and feel comfortable.!

On the day of the sensual session

Try to have good long sleep, be fresh, ensure you have a visit to a hairdresser and make up artist planned, fix your nails. If you need help with finding right people or places for these services - let me know and I can recommend. Iron your clothes, consider drinking a glass of wine or bring it to the session if it's gonna help you. Don't be late, make this day a special experience and spend it in a comfortable and rewarding way!

It will be a great experience for you, enjoy it. Together we will create something beautiful and unique!

piękna sensualna i zmysłowa sesja kobieca z Viktorią w studio art and more w Krakowie w obiektywie fotografa z Krakowa Dariusza Czepiela

Boudoir / Sensual session offer

Time:  1h or 1.5h

You will get 8 edited photos, which you will select

Place to be determined

Price: 350 PLN

Price includes photos in electronic form, no prints.

Additional options:

Studio rental for 1h  +80PLN

Studio rental for 1.5h +150PLN

Separate costs - apartment rental, makeup artist services etc.


I am a professional sensual photographer in Krakow and I guarantee your experience will be comfortable. Every pose we will create is previously discussed and approved and you always have the right to say no to any idea that is mentioned during a session. I will make sure we work in a pleasant and comforting atmosphere and I always ensure that I am not too close to you, I never touch my models to fix things and your comfort zone remains safe. Tens of positive comments speak for themselves  and you can be sure that comfort and safety are the two keywords very important in the way I work with models!


As a model you also decide if photos from our session will be published online or not. I understand you may not want to have the image of yourself in lingerie published on social media and I accept that some sessions will be made for me to lock in my drawer. We also discuss that prior to the session. And even if some photos do get published you have full control over which particular images are allowed and which are not.

Your comfort and safety is key!

Sensual photo session as a gift?

An intimate boudoir session as a gift is a great idea, but be cautious of who you plan to give it to. While a portrait of family photosession is always a great idea to give someone, a boudoir or sensual session is a slightly different topic.

First of all it may be a truly awesome gift from you to you – for birthday, for cheering up, for trying something new. Because it may be treated as a new adventure, new experience you will add to the portfolio of your life. And the effect will blow your mind!

It could be a gift as well for your partner, especially if he is not too jealous of a type. Which man would not be astonished by the beauty of his woman?

I wouldn’t recommend it though for a lady friend or even wife/girlfriend unless you have spoken about it with her before and you know it’s on her bucket list. Not everyone is ready for such photosession and in my opinion it is the woman who should make the decision whether she wants to experience a sensual photosession.

sesja w bieliźnie w wykonaniu fotografa z Krakowa Dariusza Czepiela

Let me underline again that as a sensual photographer in Krakow I treat these as a specific type of portraits. I never think about these pictures as something that may land in a Playboy magazine. I like to think about them as the art of beauty and the only magazines I would see them in is those for women, about women.

So join me in creating something truly remarkable, pictures that are on the verge of art, portraits that shouts beauty, style, sensuality. Your role is crucial in the process, as it will be your beauty and sensuality that we will capture.

I guarantee an amazing end result, one that will cheer you up, boost your confidence and broaden your self-acceptance.


Intimate sensual sessions for models and non models!

See below some examples of what a boudoir session with me could look like. Since my site is children friendly I only present here the more covered photography, if you seek more lingerie shots please send me a note, and I will direct you to a specific place I present those.

Let me finish by saying that you do not have to be a professional model in order to get yourself a sensual photo session. I photograph women that come to these sessions as the first or second session in their lives. It works, because sensuality is in every women and it’s a matter of how we work together and what framing I will use to potrait your feminine side.

Below see a couple sessions I was allowed to publish and if you are interested – please contact me !

how to dress for a sensual photosession apart from lingeriesensual photographer portrayed a beautiful slovakian girl during a covered boudoir photosessionportrait of a beautiful girl in krakow by sensual photographer dariusz czepiel fotografiaintimate portreait by a sensual photographer in krakow dariusz czepiel fotografiasensual photographer in Krakow offer boudoir photography in stuido spaceprivate sensual photographer offers intimate portraits in krakow

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